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Top Brands for 1/18 Scale Diecast Cars - best buys under $75


Which is the best brand of 1/18 scale diecast car models? The wide variety of choices can be confusing â€" but don't worry... we at MTC are here to help!  

This article provides some detail about the top value brands for 1/18 scale diecast. These brands offer high-quality diecast cars that won't break your budget! (NOTE: if you don't mind spending a bit more and you're interested in cars with the most intricate detail, please check out our companion article on the Top 6 Premium Brands for 1/18 Scale Diecast Cars)  

So... first things first: What is 1/18 scale? In the world of diecast, 1/18 scale is typically the largest scale most diecast car models are made in (1/12 is larger, but rare). At about 10-12" in length, 1/18 scale diecast cars are significantly larger than other popular diecast scales. Because 1/18 scale cars are so large, they are able to have a lot more detail than smaller scales. Some models are so detailed, it makes you wish you could start the key and drive off in them!  

In short, 1/18 scale cars are a collector's dream!

To give you a better sense of how models can differ, we have listed the top value brands for 1/18 scale diecast model toy cars below, with a little information on each one. Our goal is to give you an idea as to what brands to check out in order to jump start your search for the ideal additions to your 1/18 diecast collection...

GREENLIGHT 1/18 Diecast Cars

The top selection for movie buffs! Greenlight is the #1 brand for licensed Hollywood movie and TV diecast cars. Love The Walking Dead? How about the Fast and Furious series? Greenlight has 1/18 models from both franchises, as well as plenty of others â€" including Supernatural, Gone in 60 Seconds, The Godfather, Bullitt, and Charlie's Angels, just to name a few! The best way to describe Greenlight 1/18 scale cars is "detail meets affordability," as their models boast high quality construction and adequate features, and generally won't break your bank, either. In addition to their movie cars, Greenlight also makes many other specialty cars that are worth checking out.

1981 Chevy Camaro Z281934 Duesenberg II SJ1977 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am  Click any image to buy now! 

AUTOWORLD 1/18 Scale Diecast Cars

The #1 choice for muscle car lovers! Best known for their "American Muscle" collection of classic muscle cars, Auto World features some of the best looking 1/18 scale diecast models around. Shiny, vibrant and bold are just some of the characteristics of the highly-detailed Auto World diecast models. If you are interested in stunning models from the 1960's and 70's such as a Buick GS or Plymouth Roadrunner, Auto World is your best bet. In addition to muscle cars, Auto World also offers classic 1/18 scale film cars in its "Auto World Silver Screen" series (including popular vehicles from Christine and Ghostbusters), and diecast race cars/funny cars in its "Legends of the Quarter Mile" series. 

1970 Buick Skylark GS1972 Chevy Vega Yenko Stinger1958 Plymouth Fury Click any image to buy now! 

MOTOR MAX 1/18 Scale Diecast Cars

1/18 scale models made by Motor Max are great diecast cars for beginners or those on a budget. Motor Max has an excellent assortment of cars from every decade starting in the 1930's. In the Motor Max diecast selection, you'll also find great muscle cars and even speedy diecast Paganis, Maseratis, and Lamborghinis! Motor Max 1/18 diecast models are less expensive and not as detailed as some other brand, sometimes featuring more plastic parts and stickers for some of the smaller details, however this does not make them any less appealing. These replicas are great for gifts and a great first piece for any collection.    

Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-41958 Chevy Corvette1967 Chevelle SS396 Click any image to buy now! 

MAISTO 1/18 Scale Diecast Cars

Like Motor Max, Maisto models are an excellent choice for those on a budget, or anyone starting out their 1/18 scale diecast collection. Maisto 1/18 models are relatively inexpensive and not as intricately detailed as some of the more expensive models. However, Maisto has a very broad selection of highly attractive 1/18 car models, featuring classic muscle cars and modern sports cars and more, ranging from Chevy Camaros to Jeep Wranglers. They also specialize in making quality Mercedes-Benz replicas. In addition, it is worth noting that Maisto has a huge line of eye-catching 1/18 scale Harley-Davidson motorcycles. 

1970 Chevy Nova SS CoupeJeep Wrangler 1959 Cadillac Eldorado Click any image to buy now!

ROAD SIGNATURE 1/18 Scale Diecast Cars

With a focus on vintage automobiles, the Road Signature line offers some of the best 1/18 scale diecast models for cars from the 30's, 40's, and 50's. Road Signature has an extensive collection of classic Fords such as Ford Model A's and Ford Convertibles. Road Signature really focuses on making the diecast model look just like the real version, with small details like detailed rims, and hood ornaments. Note that Road Signature was formerly made by a company called Yatming, and is now made by a company called Lucky. Along with their diecast cars, Road Signature has an extensive selection of classic 1/18 scale diecast gas pumps!   

1955 Ford Crown Victoria1949 Cadillac Coupe DeVille 1933 Ford Coupe Click any image to buy now!

SHELBY COLLECTIBLES 1/18 Scale Diecast Cars

Ford Shelby and Mustang lovers, this is a line just for you! Shelby Collectibles makes replicas of various Ford Shelby sports cars such as the GT 350 and GT-40 MK II. Shelby Collectibles are reasonably priced and have some of the most detailed engines of all the diecast brands. Each car sits on a display plaque with the model's name inscribed on it. Shelby Collectibles are very bright and colorful, so they make an eye-catching addition to any Shelby collection.  

1965 Shelby GT3502012 Ford Shelby GT500 1966 Ford GT-40 MK II Click any image to buy now!

MATTEL/HOT WHEELS 1/18 Scale Diecast Cars

Mattel/Hot Wheels makes high quality pop culture 1/18 scale vehicles. Knight Rider (KITT and KARR), Herbie, and the Ghostbusters Ecto-1 Ambulance are among some of the highly detailed replicas the brand produces. Mattel/Hot Wheels also has a great selection of Ferraris. Mattel/Hot Wheels can vary in price depending on the type of vehicle it is, with the "Hot Wheels Elite" line generally featuring much more intricate detail at a higher price.

Ghostbusters Ecto-1 AmbulanceFerrari 458 Italia GT2K.A.R.R. Click any image to buy now! 

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