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Edsel Diecast

Edsel Diecast
Following WWII, the Ford Motor Company went public, and started making moves to better compete against General Motors. In 1957, they reorganized their line of cars and developed Edsel, as a new line of premium cars. The new Edsel cars were touted as being different, and new, but their introduction showed a car that was very similar to other Ford models. For all it's similarities though, Edsel did have some innovations, featuring "rolling dome" speedometers, warning lights on the dashboard, and push-button Teletouch transmission shifting systems. Other innovative features included seat belts, and child-safety locks on the rear doors. All in all, only about 8 models were ever produced and by the end of 1959, Edsel was declared a complete failure for Ford. In following years, "Edsel" became synonymous with "failure," and has become one of the models for what not to do in marketing. For everything it did wrong though, it still did some things right, and these diecast model replicas can prove it. See for yourself, these are still some pretty awesome cars.
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