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DeLorean Diecast

DeLorean Diecast
DMC was known as the DeLorean Motor Company, and was tasked with manufacturing the DeLorean DMC-12 from 1981-1983. This was the only model to ever be produced by the company, under 10,000 were ever produced and only a few thousand are known to still exist. The DeLorean is an American sports car, made popular by the 1980s movie franchise, Back to the Future. As you can imagine, many DeLoreans have been transformed into time machines, based on the movie, making the original car even more rare. Two special models are also known to exist, the Proto 1, which is a prototype of the DeLorean and is being restored by DMC of Florida, and 3 special gold plated DeLorean commissioned by American Express, which belong to private owners. Trust me when I say, you'd be better off looking for the diecast model replicas. The originals are hard to find, and if you really want that time machine, it might be better to test it with the smaller models.
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