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Datsun Diecast

Datsun Diecast
Datsun was founded in 1931 as "Datson," by the Japanese car company DAT Motorcar. It was to be the brand name for a smaller version of the companies car, the DAT, and meant "Son of DAT." They produced the Datson until 1937, when production was ceased due to a war with China, and resumed in 1947. The name was changed to "Datsun" in 1934 when Nissan took control of of the company, and continued as the brand name for their small cars until it entered the US market in 1958. Wishing to make a better name for themselves, Nissan eventually rebranded Datsun to Nissan and it took 5 years (1981-1986) and a significant name change program to finish the rebranding. These cars were just as reliable and high functioning as the Nissan's of today, get a diecast model replica of these guys and check it out for yourself.
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