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Jeep Diecast

Jeep Diecast
Our diecast model jeeps are just as fun to off-road with as the real thing -- great for just about anyone to enjoy!

Jeep is perhaps the oldest mass produced vehicle that can be called an SUV. Founded in 1941, the original company was the primary supplier of light 4-wheel-drive cars to the US Army and its allies during World War II. It gained a reputation for its reliability and ability to get just about anywhere. The first models produced for the public came out in 1945, and inspired a variety of other utility vehicles such as Land Rover. Since then, Jeep has evolved, still admired for its popular off-road vehicles and also producing compact and mid-size SUVs.
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Packaging: Loose
Price: $15.99
Packaging: Individually packed in a hard plastic case
Price: $14.99
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