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Harley-Davidson Diecast

Harley-Davidson Diecast
Come get your hands on diecast model replicas of some of the most sought after motorcycles in the world! Harley-Davidson is one of the world's best-known brands, and we've got a great selection of Harley-themed bikes and automobiles.

Founded in 1903, the original Harleys were nothing more than a motor on a bicycle (which most motorcycles were back then). Over time, the company improved on their designs, coming out with a large variety of shapes and sizes. Today, Harley-Davidson is best-known for it's heavyweight, "chopper" style motorcycles, although it has also made bikes for the light and middleweight markets. A Harley is something that every biker aspires to!

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Packaging: Window Box
Price: $17.99

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